About Us


Marie Thielen is an artist living in Minneapolis with family roots in the Black Hills.

“Nature is my inspiration for both photos and paintings. Stepping outside on any morning and walking the neighborhood almost every day, I find delight in the ordinary. Walking keeps me healthy. Finding and celebrating beauty keeps me grateful.

Recording beauty in photographs and expressing the same in landscape paintings gives my art both joy and purpose. Wherever I travel or even just walking, I pay attention to the subtle changes that occur with the seasons. Our world is awesome.”

For my recent paintings, a series I call Simply There,
I chose to go small rather than my usual large format paintings. In a way, limiting size gives expansion to the view. And I switched from canvas to gesso board which also takes acrylic nicely.

The larger paintings are from a Rocks and Prairie series which I have shown locally and in South Dakota.

My camera and sketch pad travel with me and give me a chance to record the elements of nature that inspire my painting. I have also included a section on photography here. The three-part photo gallery includes images from Dakotas, beautiful Oak Savannah ,some are close ups and glimpses from my neighborhood here in Minneapolis.